Financing of Public Projects

The challenges of financing public improvements goes back two millienium when the Romans extracted funds from their citizens to pay for the construction of the earliest aqueducts and roads which ineveitably made life easier and more convenient for all.

In California, assessment law allowing for the creation of liens and levy of assessments against certain properrty owners in order to fund necessary public projects was first approved in 1915. More recently, the Landscape and Lighting Act of 1972 provided a means to pay for maintenance of certain public improvements and the Mello-Roos Act of 1982 provided a mechanism to finance public projects in a post Proposition 13 environment.

SDFA has worked with muncipalities throughout California in order to best implement the provisions of these laws in such a way as to minimize the impact on the affected properties owners and best leverage the resulting taxes to maximize the agencies' ability to fund and construct the necessary improvements.

Even as municipalities have come to depend on special districts more and more, SDFA has been proactive in drafting tax formulae and structuring assessments to avoid... Read more



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What do my taxes pay for?
Special assessments or special taxes typically are used to repay bonds that have been issued to construct or acquire public improvements that benefit the properties being taxed...     Read more

A Few Words About Us

Serving municipalities since 1995, SDFA primarily assists California public agencies with the formation and administration of financing districts. The firm's principals have over fifty years of experience in the public finance arena. The firm's sole purpose is to provide agencies with the expertise and resources necessary to efficiently create and administer special districts. As a result, SDFA seeks solutions that will best serve a variety of interests --- but most importantly, those of the public agency and its constituents.

The firm's sole purpose is to provide agencies with the expertise and resources necessary to efficiently create and administer special districts.

• Formation• Administration• Debt Issuance
• Needs Analysis• Master Plans• Redevelopment
• Disclosure• Dissemination• Arbitrage Rebate

Between them, Mr. Hamill and Ms. Carter have over fifty years of special district administration experience and have worked with over fifty public agencies during that time.

Since 1988, Mr. Hamill has been involved in all aspects of special district formation and administration including special assessment, special tax, and maintenance district calculations, delinquency monitoring, arbitrage rebate calculations, reporting requirements and most recently, secondary market disclosure as required by amendments to SEC Rule 15c2-12. Barbara Carter began her career in the municipal arena in 1984 and during this time she has been significantly involved in the formation and administration of assessment districts -- both acquisition and construction financing, community facilities districts and maintenance districts.

Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)
This organiztion is dedicated to promote, develop and support state and local funding for Kindergarten through Grade 12 construction. Coalition for Adequate School Housing

One can also learn more about the implemntation, financing and construction of California schools from the Office of Public School Construction by clicking on the link for OPSC at Office of Public School Construction.

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