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If you represent a public agency and have contracted with SDFA to provide consutling services and you have already obtained a user name and password then you will be provided access to various reports pertaining to your special districts and debt issues by successfully entering your user  name and password in the Agency Login form above.

Are my Assessments or Special Taxes Deductible?
It depends! Whether or not your charges are tax deductible is largely dependent on whether they are levied to provide a specific or local benefit to your property. The following link to the California Franchise Tax Board briefly address the deductiblity of Mello-Roos taxes. For a more thorough answer regarding your specific taxes you should consult a CPA. Franchise Tax Board

Annual Disclosure Reports

Pursuant to the provisions of amended Rule 15c2-12, the issuer of bonds is required (for certain debt issues after July 3, 1995) to prepare and disseminate to the secondary market on an annual basis, a continuing disclosure report. Both annual and event disclosure documents filed by SDFA on behalf of our clients have been filed with EMMA since the summer of 2009 pursuant to the Rule. As a result, SDFA is no longer making available a separate link to each document on our website. However, by clicking on the following link and entering either the name of the public agency or the CUSIP number of the relevant bond issue in the Quick box of the EMMA website, you may obtain such reports and filings at no charge:
click Here for Disclsoure Info(MSRB)

Other Available Disclosure Items

In addition to the annual reporting requirement imposed on issuers by Rule 15c2-12, there are other items that must be provided on either a periodic or adhoc basis. If a particular event occurs that may have an impact on the security or value of the bonds then recent amendments require that a Notice of Significant or Material Event be filed within 10 days of the occurance of such event. On behalf of our public agencies, SDFA will assist with the preparation and dissemination of such Notices. These Notices along with all other documents required to be filed are on file with EMMA and can be obtained from their website by clicking on the following link:
EMMA Website (MSRB)

As part of the annual disclosure requirement, debt issuers must file their Consolidated Audited Financial Reports (CAFRs) with EMMA as well. The CAFR may be incorporated within the Annual Disclosure Report or filed as a separate item. Finally, for some debt issues, particularly those which are secured by revenues to be paid by a major landowner or developer, one or more reports by such obligated parties and sometimes referred to as "Significant Obligors" must also be filed. These reports are required to be filed only for the term that the obligations of the party represent a "significant" portion of the security for the debt issues. These periodic reports may be required tyo be filed on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis

Electronic Municipal Market Access (EMMA)
Official statements, annual reports,audited financials and filings of Material Event Notices can be obtained from this website for most municipal debt offerings. This website is hosted by the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board and since July of 2009 it has served as the single official national repository, replacing the Nationally Recognized Municipal Securities Information Repositories (NRMSIRs) as such were described in the 1995 amendments to Rule 15c2-12. EMMA Website (MSRB)



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